Strategic Technologies

Strategic Technologies is an IT Company involved with computer, phone and web-based projects.

Application Division

Game App Development (Sand Sponge Games)

Presidential Pong:  This application was developed as a Satire game for the 2016 presidential election.  Users were able to choose the candidate they wanted to keep out of the white house, choose their paddle, and use the candidates’ heads as pong balls.

Candidate Clicker: This application featured the candidates of the 2016 presidential election.  Users were able to pick their candidate and work towards getting votes by clicking on the screen.  The total vote count was listed at the top of the screen to show who might win the presidential election.

Strategic offers game building and game development for customers.

Utility App Development

Strategic Technologies offers utility app development for customers.

Website Design and Building

Strategic Technologies offers website design and building development for customers.

Strategic Technologies owns the following websites: –  The idea for this website came from an effort to promote articles written by everyday people.  This allows for an article to reach the media site quicker than usual.  People Press News is still in its’ first days, but the Strategic Technologies team is excited for what is to come.
Website creation:  Hosting, designing, managing

E-Commerce Division

Strategic Technologies offers development for E-commerce based clients who are presently online or are looking to set up online.

Online Marketing

Strategic Technologies offers internet marketing assistance to clients who would like company promotion.

Online marketing includes:

-hosting and managing of facebook pages

-generating website traffic

-creating facebok ads

-creating google adsense ads

-creating reddit ads