Here is a selection of jobs we have completed here at Strategic Construction.  Please feel free to browse through.  Click on the picture of the job to see more information.

 340 Court Street

Hangar 8 Standard Areo Phase 2

Cornerstone Baptist Church Addition

Summerside Electrical Plant Renovation

Community Connections Autism Center Renovation

Joseph A Ghiz Office Renovation

Queen Elizabeth School Interior Renovation

UPEI Memorial Hall Renovation

Charlottetown Mall & Spa

O’leary Retail Mall fit-up 

Red Shores Casino Renovation

Public Health Services Exterior Renovation Summerside 

Eptek Centre

Elections PEI Renovation

Post Office Renovation

Ecole Evangeline School Renovation

Water Street Liquor Store Cooler Renovation

UPEI Fitness Renovation

 Spring Park School

Westisle Fitness Room

Alberton Hospital

Community Park

City Hall Server Room Renovation

Cornwall Office Renovation

 Oil Remediation

Alberton Shed

Historical House Renovation

Carstar Summerside Office Renovation

Carstar Moncton Office Renovation

Carstar Shop Expansion

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City of Summerside Waste Management

Jones Building Ceiling Tile Replacement

Sleepy Hollow Ceiling Tile Replacement

Joseph A Ghiz Building, Flooring Replacement

Seniors Housing Building Door Replacement

Island Oxygen Siding Replacement

411 Queen Street Cabinet Replacement

Shaw Building

Hemlock Siding Replacement

Summerside Health and Dental Clinic

Access PEI

Parks Canada Supply Arrangement – General Contracting & Renovation Services PEI


Provincial Artifactory Renovation

Park Dale School Exterior Renovations

Search and Rescue Coast Guard Renovation Summerside

Montague L Seniors Building Roof Replacement

Duvar Court Charlottetown Exterior Renovation

West Kent Elementary School Exterior Renovations

Montague B Seniors Building Roof Replacement

Ecole Francois Buote Interior Renovation

Montague D Seniors Building Roof Replacement

Central Queens School Exterior Renovations

New home build Stratford PEI